Sue Abrams Photography | Available Finishes


Framed Prints

Black, Flat Frame, White Mat, UV Protection, Anti-Glare Glass This black frame works well with modern and traditional interiors. Nearly 2" wide, this flat, squared, and true black frame is mitered, stained, and assembled with care. Frame includes mounting on a single-weight backboard. NOTE: One extra day is required for processing this frame choice. Your white mat sets apart and finishes your image. The mat adds a 2” border, plus the nearly 2" width of the frame: A framed 20 X 30 print will take up about 24" X 34", total. All images have a UV protective Lustre Coating. This professional finishing service protects your photographs from the elements, without interfering with the image. Non-reflective glass shields your image from glare.


Your print's colors and details print on pro-quality photographic paper. The print is mounted to 1.5″ thick, lightweight foam board. The four foam board edges, running from the print 1.5" to the wall, can be black or white textured trim. Standouts are ready-to-hang pieces that will indeed -- standout! (See thumbnail image in your cart for eg's.) Great alone, or as groupings, they add tremendous "pop" to any room. All Standout prints have a UV protective Lustre Coating. This helps shield prints from the elements, without interfering with the image.

Vivid Metal

Experience your images in a new definition and clarity with Vivid Metal prints. These show-stopping conversation pieces add an artistic edge and contemporary elegance to photography as a unique high-gloss wall art option. The Metal is coated with a White Base, creating a fresh, bright appearance and allowing all the details of your image to shine through with crystal clear precision. Hang Vivid Metal prints with ease using a ¾” thick Float Mount on the back of the metal itself. The ready-to-hang mount is positioned to meet both vertical and horizontal image orientations.

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